Photography & video policy

This document forms part of the AOAA Rules and Regulations.

It should be considered in conjunction with the policies and guidelines of the National Governing Body (AMA)

Photography and Video Policy

  • The Aisle O’Var Academy of Arms adheres to the photography and video policy statement and definitions as laid out in the AMA Instructors’ guidelines.

  • We are especially concerned with the welfare of children: no images of children will be allowed to be taken nor used without the specific consent of the child’s parent or guardian.

  • In the event that a parent or organiser may take a group photo or video (e.g. a grading or tournament) where multiple children are involved, then provision will be made on entry for parents to consent to such images being taken and used.

  • If this permission is discovered to have been abused, then the person responsible will be deemed to be in breach of trust and banned from any further club activities and may be subject to legal proceedings.

  • Adults also have the right to refuse their images to be used by the club.

  • It is part of the club’s record-taking that photographs, videos and digital images are shot during class and events. We have a lot of fun at our events, and many events require us to wear period costume and camp out. Part of the social life of the 21st Century involves recording such events on camera or device and such images then published on social media.

  • Any member who is uncomfortable with such photography has the right to refrain from being photographed and/or ask that any images that may have been taken are not published in any way. We would ask that if this does happen, for whatever reason, that the member understands that this his/hers is not the usual case and must request such removal politely. The club will do its utmost to comply.

  • A photography and video consent form will be supplied to members on application to join the club.