AoAA at work and play.

Sometimes, it's the same thing!

Paired sword training

Bouting with steels

Warding low

A successful close and grip

Great stick drilling: a precursor to longsword play

Sword and buckler training

Training outside class is encouraged

Sword and buckler from i33

Drilling in lines

Jed Pascoe becomes UK and World champion on his 60th birthday

The Maister's sword. The blade is inscribed 'Vincit qui se vincit' - he conquers who conquers himself.

TEMA Freestyle: Loose sparring. with steels.

Pirate attackers don't last long!

The AoAA at the re-enactment of the battle of Tewkesbury.

The World's Strongest Viking competition.

Isle of Aaarh! Pirates.

Skirmish organisers and players at the South Wales Pirate Festival 2019

The first Steampunk dinner.

Apres battle Steampunk fun at Tewkesbury

Partners and families are more than welcome to join in

Our founder as The Ring Master!

Letchworth Festival backswording tournament. An all-female bout.

The Maister demonstrates English Longsword

Some Club Awards and trophies

Special action filming

Halloween fun!

Come the apocalypse, there will be survivors

Pete 'Buzzsaw' Holland, the father of modern English Country Backswording

Backswording at Colchester

Maisters demonstrate unprotected loose play with steel. DO NOT try this yourselves!

The Maister wins another bout

The start of a Backswording bout

The club muster at a live event.