Meet the Instuctors

Maister Jed Pascoe

Rank: Maister (Gold Sash)

Age: 69

Occupation: retired

Specialist techniques: Thinking beyond the sword. His mission is to bring his students to the best they can be, which should mean being better than the Maister.

Jed has also been an instructor at events such as Fight Camp and Wolfcall.

Some Medals and Awards:

2013 UK & World Backswording Champion

2010 East of England Champion

2016 Silver Autumn Exchange Longsword Tournament

2016 Silver Dovers Hill Backswording Championship

2016 Bronze World Backswording Championships

2016 BFHS Autumn Exchange Backsword Tournament

2015 Bronze World Backswording Championships

2014 Bronze World Backswording Championships

2014 Bronze Valour Cup

2013 Silver Letchworth Cup

2013 Bronze East Of England Championships

2013 Bronze Valour Cup

2012 SilverJubilee Cup

2012 Silver Dovers Hill 200th Olympick Games

2012 Bronze World Backsword Championship

2010 Silver Welsh Backswording Championship

Despite 'retiring' from active competition in 2016, Jed still throws his hat in the ring at several national events such as Wessex League and Fight Camp just for the hell of it. He remains one of the country's senior sticklers.

"Don't make the crass mistake of assuming he's just another old man"- Chris 'Wolfman' Cassell.

Provost Ross 'Haggers' Brown

Rank: Provost (Black/Gold sash)

Age: 31

Occupation: Lab tech

specialist techniques: sword and buckler, closes and grips, English Country Backswording

Medals and Awards:

Uffington 2010 - silver

Uffington 2011 - silver

Valour cup 2016- bronze

Valour cup 2017 - silver

Sandringham team event 2017 - silver

Letchworth cup 2018 - bronze

Valour cup 2018 - gold

Letchworth cup 2019 - silver

Dovers hill 2019 - silver

Valour cup 2019 - silver

Sandringham world finals - silver

Soft-spoken hard man Ross has been training with the AOAA since he joined in 2008, and instructing since 2018. He has fought in many tournaments and re-enactment events including commanding the viking shield wall at Caldicot castle.

"Silent but deadly" - Pete Buzzsaw Holland

Free Scholar Andy Keen

Rank: Free Scholar (Black sash)

Age: 35

Occupation: Surveyor

Friendly and approachable Andy Keen livens up most group events with his ready wit and can-do attitude.

Former military man Andy competes throughout the year at a very high level in tournaments across the UK.

Andy's expertise covers: sabre, longsword, dagger, polearms and wrestling.

Without a doubt, a staunch pillar of the club.


Chris 'Wolfman' Cassel

Rank: Scholar (red & black sash)

Age: 44

Occupation: Something dodgy in security

Specialist techniques: Quarterstaff, drills, George Silver, Backsword, Sword & Buckler, Longsword

Former police officer Chris has proven himself time and again to be an invaluable asset to the Academy. His advice and watchful eye carefully correct students- and even senior instructors!- ensuring that every move is text-book perfect.

With a ready wit, Chris's presence livens every class.

With partner Sarah, below, he organises many of the Academy's outside events.

Top geeza.


Sarah "Iron Maiden" Roberts

Age 28

Grade: Red Shield, Advanced

Occupation: Ecological Scientist

Sarah was an outstanding student from the word go. She passed both first and second phases of the Foundation course in one grading, then proceeded to take on board everything thrown at her!

Quiet and charming, Sarah passed her coaching exam without blinking.

Sarah also attends events run by other clubs, and with Wolfman Chris, runs the AOAA events team.

Provost Mark 'Iron Giant' Sains

visiting instructor

Age: 41

Occupation: Software Engineer

Specialist techniques: maintaining distance, Italian sidesword, sword and buckler, rapier, English Country Backswording, steel backsword

Medals: Gold (Oyster Fayre 2018),

Silver (Blackford Prize 2018);

Numerous other silver medals on the ECB circuit

Other styles:

Italian Sidesword (Bolognese & Agrippa);

Italian rapier

Mark trained with the Academy to instructor level before moving to Surrey for work. He is now a full-time Instructor with the legendary School of the Sword in Guildford, but is a regular attendee at our events, and from time to time, presents off-syllabus classes in his speciality skills.

Being a long distance runner has helped Mark enormously due to the additional stamina and breathing. It has produced some long bouts in tournaments!

Multiple-marathon runner Mark is a shining example that Fitness Wins Fights.