Administration & finance policy

This document forms part of the AOAA Rules and Regulations.

It should be considered in conjunction with the policies and guidelines of the National Governing Body (AMA)

Administration & Finance Policy

The Aisle O’Var Academy of Arms (AOAA) (known as the Academy or Club) is a non-profit making martial arts club administered by volunteers.

A Club founding ethic is that martial arts should be accessible to all, and so every effort will be made to keep the cost per student as low as possible.

The Chief Instructor (Maister) shall be in overall control of the Academy, including policies, training, administration, and financial control.

Records will be kept up-to-date and made available to view by any member or relevant exterior official.

Financial administration

    1. The Chief Instructor shall have control of Academy funds, responsible for the collection, recording, and dispersal of club monies.

    2. The Chief Instructor may appoint other members to assist in the administration including financial administration of the Academy.

    3. The Academy will be mainly financed by fees collected from the membership.

    4. The Academy will charge an annual membership fee, payable on the anniversary of the formation of the Club.

    5. The Academy will, in addition, charge a monthly subscription, per student, to be submitted by standing order.

    6. The Academy may collect additional fees for events which it may organise and which may be open to non-members. (E.G. Workshops, tournaments)

    7. The Academy may also collect fees from other organisations for performance and attendance at shows and events which they may organise.

    8. Moneys may also be receivable from other sources: insurance payments, refunds, charitable donations, legacy, and such as may be received from time to time.

    9. An accurate simple cash account of monies received and dispersed will be kept, which, with bank statements and applicable receipts, will constitute the Academy Accounts.

    10. Monies collected will be used to pay for insurances, venues, supply of equipment (by purchase or hire), stationery (which may be supplied from club officers’ own stock and suitable reimbursement made from time to time), members’ licences, vehicle hire, motoring, advertising, printing, display, charitable donations, cups, medals and trophies, club uniforms, medical fees, health and safety equipment, documentation, course fees, exterior training, instructors’ costs, memberships of governing and umbrella bodies, fees for legal requirements, tax disbursements, excursions, professional fees, and other costs as may become due from time to time.

    11. The Academy may bulk-buy certain items for re-sale to students, such as club uniforms or safety equipment, in order to take full advantage of any available discounts or as necessary to expedite supply of such items.

    12. The Academy’s Accounts will be presented to the membership for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

    13. The Academy will appoint an auditor only when it reaches sufficient size that such services are required or until such services are required by law.

General administration

    1. The Chief Instructor (Maister) will be in overall control of all administration.

    2. The Maister may appoint such officers as deemed fit to run and expedite Club affairs.

    3. Officers will report directly to the Maister and give full and complete disclosure of all matters under their auspices.

    4. The Maister may opt to give an Officer full and total responsibility for a matter or matters in which case the liability rests with the Officer and not the Maister. (E.G. Outside events)

    5. Officers will be fully insured as required.

    6. Records will be kept of all matters pertaining to students, health and safety, training progression, gradings, coaching, tournaments and competitions. Instructors will keep a Log as required by the National Governing Body.

    7. All matters of general administration must be filed with the Maister.

Health and Safety Administration

    1. The Maister or a duly appointed Officer will be in charge of Health and Safety and welfare of the attendees and participants at any given venue which circumstances are in the reasonable control of Club.

    2. The Maister or Officer will ensure that:

    3. All Instructors have a current First Aid certificate

    4. Instructors have current DBS certificates

    5. a well-stocked first Aid kit is available at the venue

    6. Emergency contact numbers are readily available for all students

    7. Students’ ParQs and health statements are up to date (may be disclosed in confidence)

    8. The Instructor in charge of a session is aware of the above

    9. Children and minors in classes have permission from parents or guardians

    10. All required paperwork for children and minors has been completed and on file

    11. First Aid certificates are not a requirement for Club coaches of a lower grade than Free Scholar (Black Sash), but coaches will be encouraged to train in First Aid.

    12. Organisation and recording of H&S courses, First Aid, etc will fall to the Maister or the appointed Officer

    13. The H&S Officer may keep his/her own records, but copies of these records must be filed with the Maister.

Gradings and licences

    1. Each student will receive a licence book when joining the Academy.

    2. The Licence book will be a personal record of the student’s progress, recording gradings taken, competitions entered, medals or awards, and the dates for these.

    3. Entries in the Licence may only be made by an Instructor.

    4. The licence must bear the student’s name, address, and a head-shot photograph which is a recognisable likeness

    5. The licence will have space for the student’s insurance certificate which must be kept current. The Maister or appointed Officer shall ensure that:

    6. licences are kept up to date.

    7. Gradings are registered on the Club Roll and logged annually with the governing body

    8. Newly graded students are presented with a certificate and new sash representing their new grade at a ceremony in class.

11 June 2020 E&OE