We are gradually getting back into the swing post-lockdown.

The Academy hosts or attends many events throughout a normal year.

In the pipeline is Steel and Silver, a weekend event based around the teachings of historical master swordsman George Silver.

We also have a strong social side to the club, and dinners and picnics often involve a certain amount of period clothing, from Victorian to Viking.

Well, we do teach historical swordplay, after all!

Watch this space for news of forthcoming events.

A note about period costume

We are not a re-enactment society, but event organisers know us and we are invited to attend many period events. As a club, we need to limit our involvement to only two or three big events each year although individual members can attend as many events as they like.

We also have a strong social side to the club and we welcome partners and families to all our 'fun' gigs.

No student is under any pressure to buy extra-curricular period or cosplay clothing.


Events calendar will be available as soon as we have events!

Past events

Sandy Carnival

The Academy puts on a display (nearly) every year at Sandy Carnival with costumes suitable for the theme of the day. Our Jedi group was particularly well received. We've won the Walking Float three times in the four years since we started the Sandy branch.

In 2022, we decided to come as ourselves, and fought two sets of display fights throughout the afternoon, wearing full fighting kit in blistering heat!

Annual Steampunk Dinner

We invite all Academy members and their partners to our dinner in Biggleswade on or around Christmas or New Year.

We hope to be able to get together again this December.