This document forms part of the

AOAA Rules and Regulations.

It should be considered in conjunction with the policies and guidelines of the National Governing Body (AMA)


  1. The club name shall be the Aisle O’Var Academy of Arms

  2. The club’s governing body shall be the Amateur Martial Association Ltd, Unit 20 & 21 Hardman St, Bury, Lancs BL8 1QL (AMA)

  3. The purpose of the club is the study and practice of historical martial arts to promote health and well-being and to provide an enjoyable and friendly training environment.

  4. The club shall be open to all adults over the age of 18 (or 16 if in full-time employment) regardless of age, gender, skin colour, faith, physical, mental or financial limitations

  5. It is hoped that the club may be able to provide courses for under 16s in due course

  6. The senior administrative officer for the club will be the Chief Instructor (‘Maister’)

  7. The Maister’s appointment as admin officer will be approved by the membership

  8. The Maister’s duties include:

  1. Control of club funds

  2. General administration tasks

  3. Liaison with other organisations

  4. Ensuring a high level of instruction according to the guidelines of the governing body

  5. Commitment to health and safety

  6. Student welfare

  7. Maintaining full records and accounts

  8. Appointment of other club officers to undertake such tasks as may be required from time to time

  9. The Chief Instructor will have the assistance of a Deputy Instructor when required (The Senior Instructors)

  10. The Senior Instructors will carry appropriate public liability insurance and ensure that their students’ insurance is up-to-date.

  11. Instructors are appointed through the grading system. Any instructors may opt to take out full public liability insurance instead of standard student insurance.

  12. The club shall run an eight-step grading system in accordance with guidelines set by the governing body.

  13. The club shall run a programme in parallel with the grading system to teach coaching skills

  14. The club will from time to time run or host competitions or tournaments

  15. The club will have a written Health and Safety policy

  16. The club will have a written Code of Conduct

  17. The Club will have a written Data Protection Policy

  18. The Club will issue competition-specific rules

  19. The Club will have a written Doping Policy

  20. The Club will have a written Photography Policy

  21. The Instructors will promote healthy living, good nutrition, and considered exercise

  22. Fees will be charged a) annually, to cover on-going costs and b) weekly, to cover local costs

  23. The Club will issue notice of the annual fee in due time

  24. Other fees may become applicable from time to time e.g. gradings; club uniform; competition entry

  25. This constitution may be reviewed and revised at any Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  26. The AGM will be held on or about the anniversary of the formation of the club each year

  27. The Club may be required to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting which may operate under its own rules to be set down in the notice of such.

  1. At least 50% of members from all branches of the Club will need to attend an AGM or EGM for it to be quorate.

  2. Notice for meetings will be issued not less than 21 days prior to the meeting

  3. The Maister shall obtain permission from the members to chair and run the AGM

  4. If no permission is forthcoming, the meeting may appoint a Special Chairperson to run that meeting

  5. If the Maister is stepping down, he or she shall appoint his or her successor

  6. The new Maister shall appoint his or her own officers as required

  7. In the event that there is no person suitable or willing to take on the full role of the Maister as set out above, the Club will appoint a new Chief Instructor based on longevity and merit, and also appoint a Committee to handle the Club’s affairs, which would be decided at such a meeting, and such changes be recorded in a revised Constitution.