Competitions & Tournaments

It's been a slow start back to the tournament season post-lockdown, but we are getting there!

Our annual tournaments

East of England Backswording Championship Finals: Colchester, usually the first weekend in June. A closed event as the competitors will have been chosen through knockout rounds in their clubs.

The New Jubilee Cup: An armoured/semi-armoured pool championship for sword & buckler and mixed weapons classes. It's period martial art at its finest. Running parallel with the EoE Backswording at Colchester Medieval Festival

It's a fun, period-clothing weekend and all club members and their families are welcome, whether fighting or supporting.

Dover's Hill Backswording Open Championship: usually the Friday of the first weekend in June, at Dover's Hill Olympick Games, Dover's Hill, Glos. Open to all ECBA member clubs. Currently run by our colleagues at The Wessex School of Arms.

The Letchworth Cup: Usually the last weekend in June; a well-attended open championship over one day (Sunday). Good for students new to competition to test their mettle. Pool rounds with a knockout final for the last eight. Fun day out. Location: An outside venue in Letchworth, Herts as part of the Letchworth Festival.

The Sandringham Cup: This has had to be replaced. A new venue is under discussion. TBA.

The Blackford Cup: An open ECBA tournament run by our associate club the Wessex School of Arms in Gloucestershire in June. Winners qualify for the ECBA finals.

Club-based competitions

The Academy has introduced


To be held in-class during normal times (although we might swing a weekend)

The Aisle O’Var Cup

This is an ongoing backswording tournament, fought at various time within class, and run on a league system along the lines of the ladder system in golf or tennis clubs. Gamesters may fight during normal classes at the discretion of the Maister, and will need to challenge all club members. Students are not obliged to take part, but encouraged to have a go nonetheless. There are opportunities for non-gamesters to stickle. There will be a play-off for the top medals.

The Academy Shield

This is a knock-out mixed weapons tournament, along the lines of the Valour Cup fought at Colchester, fought in stages as part of regular Fight Nights. There will be pool stages, followed by a knock-out final.